A Timeline

King’s Slumber, 4th World’s Age

Free Year: -14274

First appearance of elemental clerics on Athas.

Island’s Agitation, 7th World’s Age

Free Year: -14103

War between the nature-masters and the nature-benders until Ral’s Vengeance of this age. In the end, the nature-benders are defeated along with their cleric allies.

Ral’s Defiance, 8th World’s Age

Free Year: -14028

Nature-masters of Ty’agi attempt to expand the life-force of the ocean and accidentally create the Brown Tide – which brings about the end of the Blue Age.

Friend’s Reverence, 8th World’s Age

Free Year: -14027

Surviving nature-masters create the Pristine Tower to destroy the Brown Tide. This action changes the sun from blue to yellow, destroying the halfling civilisation and bringing about The Rebirth.

Island’s Agitation, 8th World’s Age

Free Year: -14026

The new races of The Rebirth – humans, gnomes, dwarves, elves, and others – appear across the face of Athas. Great cities such as Tyr, Bodach, and Guistenal are founded to house the new races. Last use of “Island” and “Ocean” on the World’s Age Calendar. Beginning of the Green Age.

Enemy’s Fury, 11th King’s Age

Free Year: -1376

Birth of Rajaat the War-Bringer.

Ral’s Reverence, 55th King’s Age

Free Year: -10387

The thri-kreen of Athas, a previously thought unintelligent race, migrate from the Crimson Savanna to the Tyr Region. Though short-lived and alien in appearance, the thri-kreen possess great wisdom and insight. The current king of Tyr welcomes them with open arms. They give no reason for the migration.

Wind’s Defiance, 66th King’s Age

Free Year: -9569 to -9549

Mareet, ruler of Saragar, is visited by a time-traveler from the past, claiming to be a High Mage of Capria. He tells the king an impending doom to Athas before disappearing. Obsessed with the warning, Mareet orders his most powerful psionicists to breach the time stream and determine the nature of the warning. They are later joined by a third psionicist.

The psionicists breach the time barrier and learn of the impending Cleansing Wars, Rajaat, and defiling magic. Mareet wants to warn all of Athas, but the psionicists disagree and take control of their leader. The three use their formidable powers to shield Saragar from the rest of the world. The Mind Lords are born.

Friend’s Slumber, 78th King’s Age

Free Year: -8604

Current ruler of Urik persecutes the kreen and orders the death of all their kind in the city. Many thri-kreen across the land leave the cities to live in the wild. Migration of thri-kreen from the west comes to a halt.

Silt’s Agitation, 81st King’s Age

Free Year: -8377

Rajaat arrives at the base of the Jagged Cliffs where he conduits experiments with the powers of life for the next 200 years.

King’s Defiance, 84th King’s Age

Free Year: -8169

After nearly two centuries of experiments Rajaat discovers the basics of magic, but is nearly killed in the process. After recovering he leaves the Jagged Cliffs and travels to the Pristine Tower to refine the magic process, creating defiling and preserving magic. The Time of Magic begins.

Wind’s Fury, 123rd King’s Age

Free year: -5114

The feral halfling scout Too’lane discovers the Last Tree atop a mountain in the Forest Ridge. This ancient living artifact’s location is kept secret by the halflings.

Guthay’s Reverence, 125th King’s Age

Free Year: -4976

After three eons of study, Rajaat emerges from the Pristine Tower to teach magic to the Rebirth races. He teaches preserving magic openly, and defiling magic in secret to those of “questionable” character. For the next 1,500 years Rajaat studies how magic interacts with the Rebirth races, and decides that humans have the most potential of all to suit his needs.

King’s Agitation, 134th King’s Age

Free Year: -4275

Rajaat begins a jihad against the preservers of Athas for the next thousand years. Preservers across the land go into hiding while fighting a losing battle against the followers of Rajaat.

Priest’s Contemplation, 144th King’s Age

Free Year: -3531

Rajaat sends all but a few of his students away. Using the power of the Pristine Tower and the mysterious Dark Lens Rajaat creates his Champions. Each Champion is ordered to eliminate one specific race from the face of Athas in an effort to bring about the return of the Blue Age. The Cleansing Wars begin.

Ral’s Fury, 161st King’s Age

Free Year: -2258

Infuriated at her lack of progress, Rajaat turns research of the Inner Planes over to Qwith’s subordinates. Shortly after an accident of unknown origins opens a gate to the Inner Planes, and obsidian flows across the land for hundreds of miles in each direction until the gate is closed by the Seventh Tree. Thousands die in the disaster. Those killed by obsidian rise as undead through a mysterious power from the Inner Planes. Rajaat’s servants arise as the rulers of this land, becoming powerful thinking undead wizards and psionicists. The Dead Lands are born.

Silt’s Agitation, 161st King’s Age

All life across the obsidian plain is obliterated except for the Seventh Tree, which becomes immune to defiling magic. Soon after the undead defiler Gretch discovers necromantic magic to replace the loss of defiling magic. Necromancer magic is born.

Desert’s Vengeance, 164th King’s Age

Free Year: -2025

Rkard, the last dwarven king of Kemalok, is slain by Borys of Ebe in mortal combat-though Borys himself is gravely injured. The Champion’s attendants spirit him from the battlefield leaving his sword, the Scourge, still buried in the dwarf’s chest. Before he can retrieve the sword, Hamanu tells Borys of Rajaat’s true plans for Athas Becoming aware that Rajaat intends to wipe out all races except the halflings, Borys leads the Champions in a rebellion against their master – from which they emerged victorious.

Rajaat’s halfling servants are banished to the Black as punishment for siding with the War-Bringer Despite their power, the children of Rajaat cannot destroy his mortal remains. Instead, Gallard separates the First Sorcerer’s essence from his physical form, placing each in a separate location. Aided by the power of the Dark Lens, Gallard creates the Hollow, where he placed Rajaat’s essence. Gallard then creates a cyst of enchanted stone called the Black Sphere in which he places Rajaat’s substance. He then hides the Black Sphere in a location known only to him and Borys of Ebe.

Sacha and Wyan, who remained loyal to their master, attempted to breach the cyst before it is hidden away. Their plan is discovered and they are beheaded by Borys. Through the use of the Dark Lens, Borys rewards the remaining Champions by beginning their transformations into sorcerer-kings. This process links each of them to living vortices, which allows them to grant their followers clerical spells. The Champions realize that Rajaat’s prison will not hold. Even segmented, Rajaat’s power is supreme and he would one day be free.

Hence, the Champions once again used the Dark Lens to transform Borys into the Dragon, whose power would keep Rajaat imprison ed for all time. Borys’s transformation causes him to become temporarily insane, beginning a century of rampages across the land. In the confusion, two dwarven knights named Jor’orsh and Sa’ram steal the Dark Lens. The remaining sorcerer-kings each claim a city of Athas and barricade it from the rampaging Dragon.

Wind’s Defiance, 165th King’s Age

Free Year: -1946

Borys emerges from his insanity and learns Rajaat’s prison is on the verge of collapse. Soon after he collects a levy of 1,000 slaves from each sorcerer-king, using their lifeforce to reseal the First Sorcerer’s prison on a yearly basis.

Enemy’s Agitation, 167th King’s Age

Free Year: -1776

The sorcerer-kings call for a jihad against the druids of Athas. For the next three centuries the blood of druids across the land stains the sands red in what would be known as the Eradication.

Ral’s Agitation, 167th King’s Age

Free Year: -1741

In an attempt to increase her power, Sielba, Queen of Yaramuke attacks Urik. Hamanu easily defeats her army and personally slays the sorcerer-queen. On the heels of victory, Urik’s army sacks Yaramuke and burns the city to the ground. To appease the Drago n’s wrath for killing a sorcerer-queen, Hamanu presents Borys with a levy of Yaramuke’s riches-which pleases the beast and spares Urik.

Silt’s Defiance, 167th King’s Age

Free Year: -1722

Borys uses the booty gained from Yaramuke to build Ur Draxa, which becomes the greatest city on all of Athas. At the center of the city Borys places the Black Sphere for him and his city to protect.

Wind’s Slumber, 170th King’s Age

Free Year: -1506

After being nearly wiped from the face of Athas, the remaining druids of the land go into hiding for the next 1,000 years to a secret location in the Forest Ridge.

Guthay’s Reverence, 177th King’s Age

Free Year: -972

A powerful Druid named Tehnik creates the four artifacts known as the Hearts of the Drake, and dies in the process.

Priest’s Defiance, 190th King’s Age

Free Year: -1

The desert of Athas arises the whirlwind of the Wastewalker – an apocalyptic cult of rebels that have begun to wage war upon the City States of the Sorcerer Kings, and even the Veiled Alliance. With the sand storm has come the long forgotten spirit-song of the God-slayers, sung by the elementals that threw down the long forgotten deities of the world, now carried by the very air itself.

Talk of revolt begins to filter amongst the slaves and nobles alike in Tyr. Signs and portents begin to hint at turmoil and blood that will stain the deserts red in the coming cycle. Out of the maelstrom emerges a group of mercenaries that bring with them the still living head of Matron Galash of the Veiled Alliance, preserved by the power of an ancient menhir that they now posses. In their midst walks an ancient entity of the long forgotten god, who has a message for the Sorcerer Kings.

“There is one ascendant who yet walks the paths of justice and death. He comes to collect a tithe that would make the Dragon weep.”

And a small band of thri-kreen make their way to the Crimson Savannah, carrying with them the final seed of the last descendant of the Seventh Tree. One last spark of pure life, and nestled within it’s pod may be the only hope to return Athas to the Green Age.

A Timeline

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